Perfilados Granado - Technical profiles cold plated

Artistic photo of the profiles

Technical profiles cold plated

Partial inner view from the industry, which started its activities at this new headquarters on 2008, actually performing itself within the most advanced production and efficiency standards.

Established within a 22,000 square meters of area shelters a 4,500 square meters facilities, where it develops its own production toolings, thus generating a high sustainability tax.

Perfilados Granado stands out for its quality and punctuality, recognizedly certified by the market since its foundation in 1948.

Perfilados Granado keeps itself in constant technological evolution, counting with a Rotative Slitting Cutter (Slitter) for the coils process, and a higher capacity Profile Machine to attend the sector requirement needs.

Tables of Equivalence, composition and coating

  1. Equivalency, composition and coatings tables;

  2. NBR 5915 Cold Fine plates thickness table;

  3. NBR 5906 Hot Fine plates thickness table;

  4. NBR 7008 Zinc coated plates thickness table;

  5. NBR 7008, NBR 10735, ASTN A36, ASTM A570, NBR 6655, DIN 17100, Chemical and Mechanical properties table;

  6. SAE 1006 to 1070 Chemical Composition table;

  7. NBR 7008 X, Z, A, B, C, D, E, F, G Coatings table.

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